The town

Small town located next to the Sierra de Segaria. It is a town with all the typicality of the small and the unknown whose main interest is to walk the steep and white streets that rise towards the mountains.
BENIMELI, as a good Alicante town, has an excellent gastronomy based on the appreciated Mediterranean diet, which combines the elements of the sea and the mountains with olive oil.
Picturesque places and routes. Where to eat and stay. Artistic heritage.
It is not easy to make the individualized history of a small town, since having normally rotated in the Orbit of another larger one, the data referring to that one are lost among the babble of those who tie it, which, in the present case, would be the most important Denia city.
Throughout the year, BENIMELI hosts numerous celebrations.
The festivities in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are celebrated in June and the patron saint festivities are the third week of August (the week following August 15) in honor of the Immaculate Conception and Ecce-Homo

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